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Vision Blinds

Vision Blinds Wellington

Vision blinds will brighten up your windows. Vision is a wide range of fashionable fabrics that will soften and filter light while also providing the option of a privacy blind.  Most of the fabrics are a combination of transparent and translucent – the translucent panels will let light through while preserving privacy – while there are a small number of blockout options as well.

Vision blinds regulate light while preserving a clear view. This revolutionary window blind type has a transparent and opaque (translucent or blockout) layer of cloth that move separately, allowing the layers to glide past each other while controlling the amount of light that comes in. Sliding the fabric into an opaque-opaque position provides absolute privacy, blocked sunlight, and an elegant fabric, but sliding the fabric into a translucent-opaque position displays a stunning view. The blind can also be raised completely to allow a clear view through the window

The vision blind offers a perfect blend of privacy and light control, as well as being simple to maintain and stylish in a variety of colours and stripes. The opaque and transparent layers are moved past each other using a simple chain system. The window blind may be raised or lowered to any height on the window, enabling an unimpeded view outside.