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This guide will help guide you through the pitfalls of making incorrect measurements when looking at measuring your window spaces. It is essential that these measurements are accurate to avoid excessive light getting past the blinds or having them sitting out from the window due to not fitting.

The key things to consider are:

  • Inside Recess Measurements
  • Outside Recess Measurements
  • Style of Blind
  • Method of Retracting the Blinds


Just Blinds offer a free on-site measurement and quotation service, but if you wish to measure yourself please use this guide to ensure accurate measurements. Please measure carefully – Just Blinds cannot be held liable for inaccurate measurements supplied by customers.

Please contact us if you are at all unsure.

Inside Recess Measurements

The inside measurements are for any blinds that sit inside the window reveal such as roller blinds and vertical blinds that sit inside the frame.


  1. Measure the width in millimetres of the reveal from wood to wood in three places as shown. Please advise us of the smallest measurement, as this is what we will use.

    Note: An appropriate deduction will be made to the measurements to ensure proper fit of the blind.

  2. Then measure the drop, making sure to take the measurements from the top of the reveal to the windowsill in three places, as shown in the diagram

    Note: Please advise us of the smallest measurement as this is the one we will need to use.

Outside Recess Measurements:

The outside measurements are for any blinds that sit outside the window reveal such as roman blinds of face fixed rollers

  1. Measure the width of where you would like your blind to be in millimetres.
    (Note down your measurement).

  2. Then measure the drop from where you want the top of your blind to be to the bottom.

    (Note down your measurement)

    Note: The blind will be made to the exact measurements. No allowance will be made.