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Honeycomb Blinds

Honeycomb Blinds Wellington

Honeycomb, also known as cellular, pleated or duette blinds, are regarded as the gold standard amongst blinds for insulation. Not only do they fit very neatly into the window with the smallest of gaps, but their cellular structure means that they trap cold (or hot) air both behind and also in the middle of the blind, insulating against the outside temperature. This makes even translucent honeycomb blinds a good insulator, but add in the foil lining of blockout blinds and they become an excellent insulator. In addition, because they fit so neatly in the window, they are an excellent option for light exclusion in bedrooms.

Honeycomb blinds have an additional feature which can make an excellent choice for both daytime and night time privacy, especially from people walking past on the footpath. The top up bottom down mechanism comes as an optional extra allows the blind to be positioned at any point on the window. The blind can be completely up, or completely down, but can also be positioned to cover the bottom part of the window, giving privacy while still allowing you to see out of the upper part of the window.

All our Honeycomb Blinds come on a cord system.