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Vertical Blinds

Vertical Blinds Wellington

Like other slat blinds, Vertical blinds give you maximum flexibility – as well as excluding light and giving privacy and insulation at night, they can be slanted at various angles during the day to give protection from sun and privacy from those outside. Vertical blinds provide these benefits while still allowing light into the room and a view to the outside.

Vertical blinds can be made to pull to one side or the other, or to split in the middle. Our Vertical Blinds are available in a huge range of colours, including an exciting new range of vertical fabrics from Louvolite, verticals now come in both blockout and translucent options, in 89mm slat.

Fabric options can be viewed at:  Uniview, Shaw Blind Fabrics or Louvolite.

Vertical blinds can also be a good option for a sloping or triangular window.

Vertical Blinds Closed Vertical Blinds half

Vertical Blinds for versatility

Vertical blinds are ideal for ranch sliders, high or sloping windows, and other areas where a dramatic appearance is desired. Vertical blinds provide excellent privacy and light control while requiring little maintenance because they do not accumulate dust. Vertical blinds are especially well-suited to larger windows, giving your space an exquisite, fresh appeal. We also can do repairs on vertical blinds, having access to any vertical blind parts you may need.