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Wooden & PVC Blinds

Wooden & PVC Blinds Wellington

Wooden Venetians give a warm and natural look to your room which can be hard to replicate with aluminium blinds, while having the same advantage of performing several functions: daytime and night-time privacy, sun protection and light exclusion, and insulation. Wooden  and PVC blinds are much heavier than aluminium Venetians, so if you have a larger window we may need to split it into 2 or more blinds, though we may be able to use a single fascia covering the headrails to make a more unified whole.

We use Marupa for our blinds – this is a plantation grown hardwood from northern South America.

Marupa comes in 46mm and 50mm slat, in various stains and paint colours. We can supply 60mm slat blinds in White only.

Unique Design Feature

Wooden blinds can quickly change a window into a focal point in a room and are quite adaptable to a variety of interior design styles. You may pick which control sides you want, modify the lengths, and choose from six different colours with our bespoke Venetian blinds. We guarantee that we will construct the best pair of blinds for you, regardless of your style. Wooden blinds add a unique design feature to your home or office.